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Adelaide - noble family
Adrianna - dark
Agnieszka - purity, purity
Alicia is of noble kind
Anastasia - resurrection
Angelica - angelic
Anya - grace
Aniela - angel, messenger
Anka - grace
Apolonia - strong, independent
Asia - the rising sun
Augustine - the venerable

Beata - blessed
Beatrice - brings happiness
Benedict - blessed
Bertha is bright
Blanca - white, bright
Bohumila - good for God
Boguslava - glory to God
Boleslava - great glory
Bozena - a divine gift
Bronislava - Glorious Protector
Brigida - strong

Vaclav - more glory
Valentine is healthy, strong
Valeria - to be healthy, to be strong
Faith is faith, truth
Veronica - brings victory
Vetta - small household ruler
Vieslava - great glory
Viga - the battle of the opposing
Victoria the conqueror
Viola - purple flower
Violetta - purple flower
Visia - the battle of the opposing
Wislava - great glory
Vladislava - the rules of glory
Wojciech - consolation soldier

Gabrela - God's man
Gabriela - God's Man
Gabrisia - God's man
Genovefa - a race of women
Gertrude - Spear of Strength
Grasia - nice, I agree
Grazina - beautiful
Galina - calm, quiet
Henrieta - Little Household Ruler
Henryk - the ruler

Danuta - God is my judge
Dita - war trophy
Dobroslava is a good glory
Dominica - belongs to the Lord
Dita - war trophy

Eve - life

Julianne - young
Julita - young
Julitta - young

Zdzislava - glory is here
Zlata - the golden woman
Zophia - wise
Zoya - life
Zosia - wisdom
Zuzanna - lily

Irena - the world
Irenka - the world
Iwona - yew tree
Isabella - God is my oath
Isolde - Frozen Battle
Joaziah - God will have mercy
Iolanta - purple flower
Iolenta - purple flower
Jovita - God
Joseph is another child of God

Kaya is a chicken
Casimir - the world of teams
Karina - courageous
Carolina is courageous
Kasia - pure
Cassia - pure
Katarzyna - pure
Kazi - the world of teams
Kinga is courageous
Clara - clear, bright
Claudia - lame
Clementine - soft, merciful
Constance - solid
Cornelia - from the horn
Chrisia is a follower of Christ
Christiana - follower of Christ
Christina is a follower of Christ
Ksenia is a stranger, a foreigner
Cunegunda - a courageous warrior

Leocadia - bright, crisp light
Leslava is a glorious intercessor
Lehoslava is a glorious intercessor
Lydia - beauty
Longina - long
Lyudmila - benefit to the people
Ludmita - benefit to the people
Ludvika is a famous warrior
Lucia - light
Lucina - light
Louise is a famous warrior

Małgorzata - a pearl
Raspberry - raspberry
Malvina - smooth forehead
Marcelina - defense of the sea
Martina is a warrior
Marila - stubborn
Mazena is a dreamer
Matilda is strong in battle
Mikalina - who is like God
Mechislava - glory to man
Miroslava - world-glory

Hope is hope
Nastusya - resurrection
Natazya - birth

Olivia - army elf

Patricia - noble by birth

Rodomila - a happy benefit
Rhodeslaw - happy glory
Roxanne - Dawn
Rostislav - to usurp the glory
Rose - closing
Ruta is a friend

Sarah is a noble lady, princess
Seraphina - burning fire
Severina - stern
Celestine - heavenly
Selina is a warlike
Cecilia is blind
Sylvia - from the forest
Slawomira is a glorious world
Sobeslava - the invader of glory
Solomeya - peaceful
Stanislav - glorious reign
Stephanie - crown, crown
Stephsia - crown, crown

Tekla - thank God

Ursula the little bear

Feodosia - God handed
Felicia - Happy
Felicita - happiness, luck
Francisca - French
Frederica is a peaceful ruler

Honorata - honor, valor

Czeslava - honor and glory

Edita is a war trophy
Ela - God is my oath
Eligia - choice
Elsbeth - God is my oath

Judita is Jewish
Justina is fair

Berry - berry
Jadwiga - the battle of the opposing
Yajita - the battle of the opposing
Yaroslava - glory to spring

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