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Many living creatures are inclined to play. But only man is the species that made a whole art out of toys. But sometimes children do not need something unusual for an exciting activity. Recently in America, an ordinary stone in a cardboard box has become a popular toy. This unpretentious toy is called "Pet - stone". But playing with such objects, sticks and dirt is the lot of primitive primates.

For the New Year, children are waiting for something unusual and interesting, and not simple, albeit popular. And this is the problem of parents, where to get the required amount and how to intercept the last remaining copy from other adults.

The art of making toys took off in the 1960s. Then they became a mass product, on which there was an opportunity to make good money. Some of the creations of those years are still popular today. Parents often choose options that have been proven by generations that they have played themselves. Yes, they sometimes cost much less than bright, but short-lived novelties. And when the newfangled toys lose their relevance, the classics will continue to be sold. Today, technological success has made it possible to equip toys with microchips, but children sometimes reach for the simple. If you want to give your child a gift, you should familiarize yourself with the list of the most massive and profitable toys in history. After all, their quality has been proven by decades of sales.

Magic screen. This toy was released by the Ohio Art company back in 1960. The rights to its production were purchased from the French engineer-inventor André Cassagnier. His product was named "Magic Screen". It looked like a small television display on which children could create images. For this, two small buttons were created. Moving them vertically or horizontally, it was possible to leave scratches on the aluminum chips inside the screen, which manifested itself in dark lines on the outside. And to clear the toy from the previous image, it was enough just to actively shake it. And the screen again became ready for new creative feats of the child. The screen in red plastic trim quickly became a hit, and even adults were attracted by the simple and elegant design, which was also durable. This toy was very hard to break! Fifty years have passed, and it is still popular in its various variations. Throughout its history, the company has managed to sell 100 million copies of its Magic Screens. And this number is constantly growing.

Dolls "Babies from the Cabbage Patch". These dolls have an unusual pumpkin-like head shape. For the first time such a toy appeared on sale in 1983, during the Christmas period. Babies from the Cabbage Patch immediately became the sales leader and the most popular toys in the world. It was even more than a sensation. People stood for hours in line for dolls, fought for them. Some even bought toys solely for the purpose of resale, thus creating a whole organized underground market. And the demand for dolls was like for quality Colombian cocaine. And such resale was illegal, as was the sale of drugs. In 2013, the toy celebrated its 30th anniversary. By this time, 130 million sets of Dolls from the garden have already been sold. Originally they cost $ 25, but today the price has doubled. At retail, it is even higher. Thanks to the popularity of the product, its creator, Xavier Roberts, has become a multimillionaire. Toys have proven to be both popular and highly profitable.

"Nintendo NES". The home video game market, which had just emerged in 1985, was going through hard times. The Atari and Commodore consoles became a sensation, but interest quickly faded away. It seemed that the era of such devices was over before it really began. But the situation has changed dramatically thanks to the Nintendo NES console. It immediately became a hit, making history as the best-selling video game console of all time. The small device was relatively powerful. Many interesting and popular games have been created for him. Suffice it to mention at least "The Legend of Zelda" and "Mario". Nintendo NES has been called the phenomenon that saved the entire gaming industry. Since the release of the console, video games have changed forever. In the entire history of sales of the device, more than 60 million consoles have been sold. And this despite the fact that the original price was quite high - $ 200. The game has become a legendary product, making its manufacturer successful and popular. Thanks to this console, Nintendo was able to earn hundreds of millions of dollars.

Joe the soldier. In 1964, the famous toy manufacturer Hasbro released the famous toy soldier Joe. Its other name is Real American Hero. No one could have imagined the impact the toy would have on their entire industry. The boys became literally obsessed with Joe the soldier. The company urgently increased the release of the toy, by 1965 it generally accounted for 75 percent of all Hasbro's sales. The doll had an assortment of uniforms, boots, a helmet, as well as a rifle and tokens, like an American military man. The soldier also had all his limbs spinning. And somehow Joe became incredibly popular. Stores could not afford to buy enough toys to meet the constant demand. Several generations of American children have grown up with Soldier Joe. The toy has become part of popular culture, allowing children to fantasize about wars and secret missions. The boys spent hours in battles, fortunately, only in their imaginations. But by 1970, the Vietnam War was still ongoing. Then the manufacturer changed his toy, making it even more militarized and allowing new adventures. This step only increased interest in Joe. The toy remains very popular today. And although its size varied greatly, this did not stop Hasbro from selling 375 million of Joe's soldiers.

NERF. Today, Parker Brothers is part of Hasbro, acquired back in the 1970s. The manufacturer managed to create a whole bright toy empire, which began with an ordinary foam ball. Nobody expected this product to become so popular. NERF products have been copied many times, but the original line of foam toys has remained popular nonetheless. Everyone loves them, because such objects themselves do not break, and do not harm others. The slogan of the company perfectly motivates parents: "NERF or nothing!". Later versions included football, basketball, rugby balls and even the NERF Blasters toy pistols. The company has launched Super Soakers water pistols and even video games. The NERF empire currently sells hundreds of millions of its products all over the world. A small ball of solidified foam has every chance of becoming the most popular toy of all time. An unpretentious object allowed the manufacturer to put together a fortune. The expression "play carefully" in this case has lost its meaning, because what can a child break with a soft ball?

Rubik's Cube. Sometimes it seems that aliens came up with this simple-looking toy. It is no coincidence that even the most intelligent person, having twisted the cube in his hands for a couple of minutes, begins to feel uncomfortable. The Rubik's Cube is the classic gold standard of popular culture. This puzzle was created in 1974 by the Hungarian sculptor and architect teacher Ernö Rubik. Almost immediately, he transferred the rights to the invention to a friend, Tom Kremer. He, with the help of his company Seven Towns Ltd, literally flooded the whole world with cubes. So the toy became one of the most popular in history, but also one of the most annoying. And Rubik was just looking for a three-dimensional model that would help him visualize geometric principles to students. The result is a puzzle that can give hours of interesting pastime or torture, depending on the result. For many years, people constantly observe someone next to them who would be passionate about solving the Rubik's Cube. The popularity of the game has not diminished. In total, the company managed to sell more than 350 million of these products, waves of popularity are replacing one another. There are even championships in high-speed puzzle assembly, and robots are also doing this for a while.

Chewing gum for hands. This toy appeared thanks to the military. In 1943, General Electric engineer James Wright tried to create synthetic rubber. It was planned that it would be claimed by the US Army during the Second World War. True, the attempts were unsuccessful, but instead of a military product, one of the most popular toys in history appeared. Wright's friends and family liked the hand gum. So he decided to start positioning the plastic compound as a toy. For several years, the engineer unsuccessfully persuaded manufacturers to start mass production of hand gum. Wright was lucky when the owner of the toy store, Ruth Fallagutter, heard about the unusual invention from her advertising agent, Peter Hodgson. The woman entered the toy into her catalog, from which it was possible to order goods for children by mail. It turned out that hand gum was the top-selling item, generating more revenue than any other toy in the catalog. Peter Hodgson was able to assess the potential of the toy and bought the rights to it. He had a lot of material prepared for a future hit toy called "Silly Putty" and appeared in 1950. To launch the first batch, Hodgson recruited a dozen Yale students to pack the composition in plastic egg-shaped containers. And then all that remained was to sell a successful product. Hodgson was able to convince Doubleday and Nieman-Marcus to buy a toy from him. A sparkling review published in one of the New York magazines brought her real fame. Her reviewer bought the toy from one of the Doubleday kiosks. Thus began the hand gum revolution. The toy even went into lunar orbit in 1968, thanks to the Apollo 8 astronauts. Today around the world every year people buy tens of millions of such small eggs, and the product is already fifty years old. Thus, a product that appeared by chance became a legendary toy.

Toy cars "Hot Wheels". In 1968, the British company Lesney Products reigned in the toy car market. Her models, the size of a box of matches, were popular. The collection was even called "Matchbox line". Later, the line was bought by Mattel. One of its three founders, Elliot Handler, patriotically decided to start producing exclusively American models. In the first year, 16 different cars appeared on sale at once, among them the shiny blue Chevrolet Camaro stood out. Buyers and sellers had an immediate and unambiguous reaction: "We want more!" "Hot Wheels" began to be sold, both singly and in a set with plastic tracks for riding. This favorably distinguished the toy from competitors. The cars stood out for their excellent detailing, their bright colors and incredible durability. The universal love for toy cars has made them classics. And today, each such machine is sold for only a dollar. Fans collect cars, which only increases their popularity. Economists estimate that Mattel has sold billions of dollars in Hot Wheels. And there was no hint that sales would start to fall. But the series is almost half a century old.

Lego. Few people know that the name of the constructor comes from the Danish words "leg godt", which literally mean "to play well". Today this game is strongly associated with childhood all over the world, like ice cream and smiles without teeth. The first Automatically Linking Bricks appeared in 1949. On their basis, already in 1953, the Lego designer took place. The elements themselves are very simple, which implies their extraordinary strength. Lego constructor is considered today one of the most popular and beloved toys in history. The company's products became even more popular after the appearance of complex elements in the assortment. Now Lego is not just building blocks, but also series related to Star Wars, robots, ninjas, miners, racers, railways. It is difficult to calculate exactly how many constructors have been sold worldwide. But Lego is also constantly copied! Nevertheless, the company itself has grown into the largest toy manufacturer on the planet. Every day she sells products worth tens of millions of dollars. For the Danes, the word "Lego" has become synonymous with success and prosperity. And for children it is a guaranteed interesting pastime.

Barbie. It doesn't take long to choose the most famous doll in the world, everyone knows about it. Every girl dreams of having a Barbie. But when the company "Mattel" in 1959 presented an ordinary brunette doll to the public, she did not expect that it would spawn a whole toy empire. It all started with the fact that the president of the company, Ruth Handler, watched his playing daughter Barbara. The girl was having fun with paper dolls, which gave the businessman the idea of ​​making something more durable for such purposes. The result of the inspiration was the Barbie doll, as it was called then, the Teenage Fashion Doll. She had a fluffy hairstyle and a two-tone bikini. Suddenly, the toy became very popular, during the first year of sales, 350 thousand of these dolls were sold. Thus began the conquest of the whole world. More than a billion Barbies have been sold today. She is called the Queen of Toys, she brings billions in profit to her creators. Various accessories are produced for Barbie, including a house, a car and even a boyfriend. The doll fell in love with children so much that it became the best-selling toy in history. And hardly any stone in a cardboard box will be able to compete with this ingenious creation.

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