The most ridiculous injuries

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It turns out that in sports injuries are possible not only at the stadium or during the game. These can be electric drills, icons, moose and even babies.

Everyone knows the virtual Darwin Prize, which is awarded for the most ridiculous deaths. Thus, the unfortunate, allegedly, improve the gene pool of mankind, delivering from the chosen fools.

But the competition for the most unusual self-harm has not yet been invented, so the most ridiculous injuries of football players are in the shadows, without receiving worldwide recognition. But we are left to marvel at the intelligence of the heroes of these accidents.

Trauma from the beast. Oddly enough, but the history of football knows a player's injury from ... a moose! In the 1970s, Norwegian Rosenborg player Sven Grendalen suffered from this beast. The footballer was doing his usual morning jog in the forest park, but suddenly he ran into a half-asleep moose. The beast at the sight of the defender of the Norwegian national team went into a wild rage - after all, he invaded his territory. The footballer, previously famous for his tough behavior on the field, in this case was forced to hastily retire. He rolled head over heels down the bushy slope, and his leg received tangible scratches. As a result, Sven received several stitches and missed the game of his national team.

Dangerous TV. Rio Ferdinand, the defender of English “Leeds”, became the victim of his own TV. In 2001, he was injured right in his own villa. The footballer spent several hours in a chair watching TV. Ryo’s feet were on the coffee table when the phone suddenly rang. The footballer sharply reached for the apparatus, but the severe pain almost deprived him of consciousness. As a result, it turned out that excessive fascination with the TV in a relaxed position caused the hamstring to stretch. The funny thing is that Ferdinand was at home on the instructions of the team doctor, who advised the player to have a good rest. As a result, I had to miss the next match of my team.

Fateful finger. In 2004, Paulo Diogo from Servet, Switzerland, suffered an unusual injury at the Braite stadium. It was caused by the wedding ring. The midfielder, shortly before the match, played his own wedding, scoring a goal, he was so happy that he climbed the fence to be closer to the audience. However, he did not notice how his ring got caught in the bars. As a result of the reverse jump down, half a finger was torn off. Such a violent manifestation of emotions was not without the attention of the referee, who presented the player with a yellow card. Immediately, Paulo felt a sharp pain when he discovered his loss. The hospital could not help him in any way, only amputating the remains of a finger. As a result of the incident, Diogo was out of action for several matches.

Dangerous newborn. In 1996, Alan Nielsen, a player in the English Tottenham, visited the hospital, where shortly before that his wife was released from pregnancy. Imagine the surprise of the Dane, who had only recently moved to the club from Copenhagen “Brøndby”, when his newborn daughter unexpectedly poked him in the eye with either a hand or a foot. Gazing at the little girl with affection turned into injury and missed several matches.

Blind faith. Deep religiosity can often get in the way of a football player. So, in 2003, the player of the Moscow “Dynamo” Otar Khizaneishvili in a Spanish hotel received an unusual injury. The fact is that the player was religious and took an icon with him everywhere in a heavy setting. This time he slept in his room and dreamed of a tense match in which he had to throw the ball out of touch. Otar waved his hands and knocked down the icon hanging over his head. It hit him right in the eye with its corner. Although the footballer managed to save his eyesight, it deteriorated markedly.

Harmful pet. Carlo Cudicini once suffered from his own dog. The goalkeeper of the English “Chelsea” in 2001 walked his beloved dog. Suddenly he sensed in front of him either a cat or a rat. The dog jerked off to the side, dragging the owner along with it. As a result, the player's knee was injured with subsequent surgery. A similar case happened with the player of the French “Rennes” Julien Escudé, who, due to the gap between Achilles, missed a multimillion-dollar contract with “Manchester United”. And Cudicini himself continued to collect ridiculous injuries. In 2009, while driving a motorcycle, he had an accident that knocked him out of action for a year. This time, an iron pet became the cause of injuries to the wrists and pelvis.

A long cry. Manifesting emotionally your feelings can also get injured, as proved by the goalkeeper of English “Manchester United” Alex Stepney. In 1975, at St Andrews Stadium, during a tense match with Birmingham, he prompted his defenders so loudly that he simply dislocated his jaw. But Alex himself later claimed that he was injured even earlier during the match, having collided with an opposing player during the fight for the ball. Then there was no possibility of replacing the goalkeeper with a player of the same role. So, in the second half, a field player stood at the gate, who, nevertheless, was able to leave his team's gate intact.

Fighting pus. The desire to conquer an illness can lead to even greater problems. In 2002, the striker of the English “Aston Villa” Darius Wassel distinguished himself. In his own apartment, he decided to fight the abscess under the nail that was interfering with his leg with the help of ... an electric drill! It was with her help that he decided to poke a hole in the nail to release pus. However, the power of the instrument was unexpectedly higher, as a result of which half of the nail was torn off and the wound became even more inflamed. Naturally, I had to forget about football for several weeks.

Awkward tilt. In 2008, Michael Rensing, the goalkeeper for Bayern Munich, was injured after a bad bent. The reason for this was the laces that the player was going to tie on the boots. This injury caused a violent reaction from Ottmar Hitzfeld, who was then coaching the German super club. He decided to find someone who would do this job for the goalkeeper. After all, Rensing eventually missed a crucial match in European competition. This injury, by the way, is not unusual for goalkeepers. The goalkeeper of the French “PSG” Lionel Letizi received a similar damage. Leaning over to pick up a board game card that had fallen to the floor, he pulled his back.

Unfortunate sauce. In 1993, Dave Bizant, who defended the colors of the English Southampton, suffered from a can of mayonnaise in his own apartment. The player tried to get food out of the refrigerator, but accidentally brushed his elbow into a jar of sauce. But since his hands were already occupied with plates of food, he mechanically decided to stop the mayonnaise from falling with his bare foot. As a result, the bank broke, and one of the fragments dug into the foot, touching a tendon. The goalkeeper has never received such a serious injury in his entire career - it took about two and a half months for treatment.

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