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Meaning of the name

Rufina translated from Latin means "golden," redhead, Hebrew, means "girlfriend".


As a child, Rufina is quite sociable and communicative, easily adapts to any circumstances, maybe not very nice and charming, but does not go unnoticed in the company of other children. She is impressionable and emotional, has many complexes, is a little shy, but very easygoing.

Rufina usually studies well, although laziness hinders her in mastering knowledge. She is not touchy, she will never refuse to help her classmates, among whom she has many friends and girlfriends.

Adult Rufina is a faithful friend, kind, intelligent, obliging and patient. At the same time, she is stubborn, persistent, contradictory. She is a great worker, reliable and punctual. You can entrust her with a task of any complexity, Rufina will cope with it, even if you have to go to work on a weekend for this.

She is somewhat impulsive, intolerant of her own shortcomings and the shortcomings of others, constantly trying to improve, improve herself, colleagues, and friends, sparing no time and effort for this.

Her colleagues respect her and are a little afraid of her. Rufina is not vindictive, she is able to forgive everything even to those who caused her considerable suffering. Most often prefers work related to commercial activities.


Rufina is sensual and emotional, active and outgoing. This bright and attractive woman cannot be overlooked in the company. She is easily injured, sexy enough, but she keeps her intimate life a secret.

She chooses a partner most often by calculation, preferring a man who stands high on the social ladder, financially secure, who would allow her to look like and rule the house.

For her, sex is one of the ways to achieve what she wants, and she is able to masterfully use this tool. Rufina is patient and, at the same time, passionate, capable of ardent love. She is principled and stubborn, striving to choose a man herself.

In bed, Rufina is most often selfish, wants to get as much erotic sensations from her partner as possible. In bed, she does not obey her partner, although she has a subconscious desire to meet a strong, domineering man who can conquer her.

Not having received full satisfaction from intimacy, Rufina, who has inexhaustible vital energy, is able to give her partner genuine pleasure and make him respond in kind. She can bring sophisticated sexual sensations and deep satisfaction.

Rufina gives herself up to sex sincerely and recklessly, each time expecting something new, unknown from the intimacy. She loves erotic caresses, which she can indulge in endlessly. She can only experience true pleasure with a partner in whom she is completely confident.

The most moderate in sex is Rufina, born in winter, most often she gets married twice. Born in the spring is not particularly demanding of a partner.

"Summer" is smart, energetic, attractive, passionate. A man who dreams of a sultry woman finds his ideal in her.

Born in the fall, Rufina is mysterious and hypersexual, most often she chooses a partner who is more experienced in the everyday and intimate sphere, financially secure. If the husband does not meet her needs, he becomes intolerant, irritable, and may even become depressed.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The word Rufina gives the impression of something good, active, fast, strong, gentle, cheerful.

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